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Got home from chemo at Roswell. It appears that there is a nodule in the pleura in my right lung that has grown from 5 mm to 9 mm. The chemo I have been on is still working to beat and/or maintain cancer throughout, however, this growth is being a troublemaker. LOL

Dr. has advised that although radiating this one nodule is an option, there is a possibility of another nodule appearing somewhere else later. If she is optimistic, she says it could work. If she is realistic, she says it will likely reappear somewhere else. She will be meeting with the head of radiology tomorrow to discuss my options. They have also recommended as options, either starting a clinical trial or a different round of chemo. If I choose the chemo, I will definitely lose my hair (which isn’t the end of the world) and there are other side effects to consider. If I choose the clinical trial, I won’t know if I’ll just be getting the Tarceva or the Tarceva w/the other drug. I would not lose my hair with this, but since there is no proven success for people who don’t fall into the genetic component, it’s a crap shoot.

That being said, I made an appointment with CCS Oncology for a second opinion. I’d like to hear what another doctor recommends. I have not been unhappy with the doctors at Roswell. Although, I really hate how long I have to be at the hospital for treatment.  My typical day of chemo at Roswell usually lasts about 6 hours and the chemo itself is only an hour.  It’s just such a big place and there is a lot of waiting.  We’ll see what CCS has to say.


Went to CCS Oncology for a second opinion.  The doctors really took their time with me.  I asked many questions and they were very patient and didn’t rush me at all.  The doctors decided that before they could make any recommendations on how to move forward, they wanted me to have a PET scan, since I never had one before. A PET scan basically takes pictures from the top of your head down to your feet and shows “hot spots” that represent cancer.

Was I a bit nervous?  Yes.  I think anytime you have a new scan you get a bit worried. I underwent the PET scan and awaited the results.  When I went into CCS to get the results and was met with smiles and high-fives.  The doctors were truly amazed. Based on the paperwork they received, my future was questionable.  However, the PET scan showed AMAZING NEWS.  97-98% of the cancer in my lungs is GONE.   There is no sign of cancer in my liver and there is only one spot in my brain. WOO HOO. CCS has recommended that we continue with the combination of Avastin and Alimta. Their opinion is that the chemo I’m on is working and we should stay the course.

After speaking with my husband, and weighing the options, we have decided to begin treating at CCS Oncology and Century Medical Associates.  Couple reasons really (1) they are smaller, thus the wait time is much less than before for chemo and (2) I never knew how well I was really doing. How amazing it was to find out I am an arms length away from being cancer free.  Of course I will continue to get scans and will monitor things, but I am on the path of healing.

I thank Roswell Park for getting me to this point. I’m kind of scared.  You never know if you are making the right decision.  Only time will tell.

Thank you Lord in Heaven for the unending blessing in my life.

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