My Faith, My Church, My Healing


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I have lived in the Western New York area my entire life, except for a short time between  2004-2006 when my husband and I moved to Virginia with our children. While there, I started attending a Pentecostal Church (Victory Tabernacle).  Wow, it was a far cry from the Catholic Church I was used to. I jumped right in though and joined their worship team, which was like a Baptist choir. It was an amazing group. It was there that I let Jesus into my heart.

I don’t think I was quite ready for a church like Victory.  It kind of scared me. I was just a baby Christian. So I put on the brakes and started “church hopping”. LOL. I guess you could say I was trying to find my way. I was trying to learn. I just kept coming up empty.  When we moved back home, I attempted to get back into the Catholic Church, but I just didn’t find it to be a home for me any longer. I was discussing religion at work one day and how I really wanted to learn more.  A friend told me about Resurrection Life Fellowship.

When I started attending Res-Life, I hid in the back for more than a year. I didn’t attend every week, but I was baby stepping my way.  One day, something just clicked in my head and I realized that every time I went to church, I came home feeling like a better person.  I wanted to be a better person. I was learning about the Bible and it was pretty cool.  Pastor John Tonelli has a gift of teaching the bible in a way that relates to our lives today. I felt as though I was breathing for the first time.  I also love worship. A friend of mine referred to Res-Life’s worship team as watching a “Jesus Rock Concert.” LOL I love my Res-Life family.

Don’t Be Afraid of Religion

I was always intimidated by religion because I was clueless.  Also, I used to feel that people used religion as an excuse to behave badly.  They would just go to church and ask for forgiveness and then continue to do what they’re doing.  I felt it was hypocritical.

I’ve been going to Res-Life for five years now, or so, and I now know that it was unfair of me to judge others. I’ve realized we are all trying to find our way. It’s just that we are at different places on our journey. Are there still people who come to church for the wrong reasons? Yes, but its not our job to judge them. It’s our job to keep God first place in our lives.

Cancer and Faith

Since I was diagnosed with cancer, my journey to have a relationship with the Lord has become very strong.  I learn more each day and speak to God as if he is siting in the living room with me. Although I continue to learn and read the Bible, I’m still clueless on the scale of things, but my desire to be a good Christian is very strong.

I think the fact that I was originally only given one year to live confuses people. I think they expected that I would be closer to death, not farther away. As I move forward with my faith, and get closer to God, I feel better. No only do I feel better, but the doctor reports keeps coming back very positive. I have also learned that you just can’t hope to be healed or wish to be healed, you have to know you are healed. I know I am healed! In Mark 5:34 Jesus said “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering”. I can tell you, I feel at peace.


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