The Smucker’s Jar


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For years I have been telling people that I want to live to be 100.  In fact, one of my goals in life is to have Willard Scott show my lovely face on the Smucker’s Jar.The Smuckers Jar

Never heard of the Smucker’s jar?  Well, if you watch the Today Show, Willard Scott wishes a happy birthday to 100+ year old ladies and gentlemen and he shows their faces on a Smucker’s jar label. Now, although Mr. Scott will likely not be around when I’m 100, it is nonetheless, my goal.

From the moment I got married, I knew I wanted to grow old with my husband.  I want to be that old silly grandma that everyone loves to visit.  I can’t cook, so they will just have to stop over for my bubbly personality.

I used to watch my mom run around with her grand kids. She really loved her grandchildren.  She was even grandma to kids that weren’t hers. They called her Grandma Joanie and long after her passing, they still love her and miss her. Watching her, I knew I wanted that experience in my life. My mom died in 1998, when she was 56 of lung cancer.  She wasn’t able to see her grand kids grow up, but I know she has been shining down on them from heaven.  She certainly made a lasting impression on my life.

I’m 43, so I have 57 years to go to get to that Smucker’s Jar.  I better stay focused on the task at hand.  I will be having a Brain MRI and PET Scan next week. My focus is that these scans will show No Evidence of Disease.  When that happens I will be Woo Hooing it all over the place.  Love you all.  Talk to you later.


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