Let the Baldness Begin


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UPDATE:  Decided to try the Tarceva before the new chemo.   Will update you on how it works.


Went to Roswell yesterday to get a CT scan.  It came back showing the clinical trial drug TL, along with the Gemzar (another chemo)  is not working. With that, and the fact that my side effects now include breathing issues, they have decided to stop the trial.

I had a feeling things weren’t going too well.  My breathing was pretty bad at times, but would get better the week I was off chemo. I am kind of glad I am off that trial. It just wasn’t the one for me.

So What’s Next?

Let the baldness begin.  I have been blessed for over a year now that I have kept my hair, but that journey has come to an end.  I have a two week vacation and then the new chemo and my life as a bald woman will begin.

I do have another option.  I can go on a drug called Tarceva, which is a drug used in people who fit a certain genetic component.  I don’t fit it, but they are willing to try it.

Bald for Bucks

Selfless Woman. Love Them!

I think I’ve decided to enjoy the next two weeks without any treatment and then start my new adventure as a bald woman.

How Do I Feel About That?

I think it stinks, but it is what it is. I don’t think any woman says to cancer, “pick me” and I certainly don’t think any woman wants to get cancer and go bald.  However, I do know some amazingly selfless women who went Bald for Bucks last year when they thought I was going to go bald. My daughter Kaitlyn and super friends Sue, Paige and Jordan all shaved their heads in my honor. My Kayla had purple ribbons put in her hair, which was a loving support for me as well.  My son has gone Bald for Bucks for years now, long before my diagnosis.  He said he will stay bald with me.

So, although the thought of losing my hair is harder than I thought it would be, I will accept it and move on.  I will use the strength of these loving woman and my son to get me through it. When you really think about it, I don’t have time, in this battle, to worry about little things like how much I weigh and whether I have hair or not.  I have to focus on living, which I am.

I think, perhaps, I may just have to sass it up, though, in the wig department. Maybe I’ll become a redhead. LOL

Love you all.  Keep smiling.

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