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As you know, I recently started taking a new drug called Tarceva. After being on a clinical trial that didn’t go well, the doctor said I needed to wait a couple weeks before I was able to start a new chemo.  My husband and I were talking and although I was told I am not a genetic match, he felt that it only made sense to give Tarceva a try while we were waiting on the chemo. My doctor thought that was reasonable.

So, approximately one month ago I started taking Tarceva.  I started feeling better after only a couple weeks.  It was pretty amazing to have no pain.

I went to my doctor yesterday and got some great news.  I AM a match for Tarceva.  I have the EGFR genetic mutation, which responds well to this drug.

So why are they just finding this out now? Well, I had all my tissue samples, from my biopsy back in January 2012, sent to Maryland for testing.  We wanted to test them to find out if there is a current treatment out there that works for my particular cancer properties.  All the tissue samples were sent, all were tested.  When Roswell tested, they only tested a sample from one area, which came back negative.  When the facility in Maryland tested the samples, it came back that I am EGFR positive.  Woo Hoo.

The testing also came back with a match for a treatment that is currently in clinical trials.  The doctor said if Tarceva stops working (a long time from now), there is a treatment currently being tested that will help me.  The hope is, if this were to happen, it will be a long time from time and will be FDA approved by the time I’d need it.

Those of you who know me, know that I believe I am healed, in Jesus name. Every time I pray for healing, something amazing happens.  Every time you pray for me, something amazing happens.  Prayer works and I am so grateful for all your prayers.  God’s got plans for me.

I love you all.

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