Tarceva Not Working, Time for a New Chemo


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I recently had a CT scan of my chest and abdomen, which showed that there has been a slight growth of cancer.  There is a new spot in my liver, approximately 1.5 cm.  Doc said its difficult to tell if there has been any growth in my lungs because there are so many spots in there.  If there has been any growth, they said it is small. The image is an example of what my cancer looks like in my lungs.  Lung Cancer(Not my actual lungs).

Beginning this week, I will start a new chemo called Paclitaxel (Taxol).  My chemo will be once a week with typical side effects, such as hair loss and tiredness.  The doctor recommended that I try a new clinical trial, but I decided to pass on it.  Basically it would have been Tarceva (which is what I’m on now) and a new chemo being tested.  Problem…the drug is in Phase I and has only been tested in petri dishes and in rats.  I’m not warm and fuzzy about that.

So as the journey continues, keep praying my friends.  God is good. I continue to be blessed. Love you.

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