Doc Put Me Back on Tarceva


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Since I started my new chemo last week, I haven’t been feeling well.  I had a lot of pain in my back, ribs, and stomach.  I have also been struggling with my breathing. Just picking up a sock off the ground was a challenge.

Yesterday, I went to Roswell Park for my second chemo treatment, but because of my complaints, the doctor said I needed an x-ray and then a CT scan.

I didn’t get the best news, but it’s time to refocus and pray. There was some sort of reaction when they took me off of Tarceva that made the cancer grow.  So the doctor is putting me back on the Tarceva and I’ll be taking chemo once a week, as well.

We’re not done yet.  They also found a blood clot in my leg, so they prescribed me a blood thinner, which I will take daily, for the rest of my life. I gave myself a shot this morning.  It wasn’t too bad.

I will also be having a procedure on Friday to remove the fluid from my right lung as that is causing a lot of my pain.

I think that’s it!  LOL

I’ve been fighting since I was diagnosed and don’t plan on giving up now. I ask that you all continue to keep me in your prayers.

Love You!

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