Who’s Kickin’ Who’s Dupa?


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From the beginning of this cancer journey its been Prayers for Patty, Kickin’ Cancer’s Dupa.  Well, a couple months ago I started experiencing pain on my dupa.  It was pretty sore any time I would sit on it.  I thought perhaps I was developing a bed sore, but it didn’t make any sense.  I had an exam and they gave me a CT scan, which confirmed a lump had formed, the size of an egg.  Try sitting on that, yikes!

According to Roswell, they thought I had shingles, so they prescribed me an antibiotic. I went back for chemo a week later and they had to cancel it.  The “egg” had gotten worse.  They gave me another CT scan, which showed clearly that there was now an infection and it was massive.  They said it is called cellulitis. It’s not cellulite, its a deep tissue infection that could have developed from something as simple as an ingrown hair or just a compromised immune system..

They scheduled surgery for the next day.  It all went well.  Funny how they gave me a pain pump and said if I’m in pain, just press the button when its lit. All I heard was, when you see the button lit, press it.  Oooops. I really didn’t feel a lot of pain, and now I know why. LOL. I remember people coming to visit me, but cannot recall a single conversation. I am such a lightweight. Sorry guys. LOL

Surprisingly, only a couple of days after surgery, they said I could go home.  I had to have a home nurse twice a day to change my bandages, plus I was put on IV antibiotics. They contacted me and said I could start taking antibiotic pills. Good news because they found the family of staph to treat me for.

As of today, just 3 weeks after surgery, I am almost healed, because that is what God has planned for me.  In a couple more weeks I should be ready for chemo again and will be dancing once again.

So, who’s kickin’ cancer’s dupa? Well, I am, of course!!!

I have had some wonderful people helping me. Thank you Jay (you are priceless),  my nurse Tina (you’re the best), Natalie, Anita, Kim, Deb, Mary Kay, Stephanie, Sue, Chris, Tammy, Jody, Ginger, Sarah, and our Amazing Church Family and everyone else that has helped me/us with transportation, shopping and prayers. I’m sorry if I forget anyone. Love you all.


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