The Power Of Healing


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Spent a couple hours this morning on my deck reading God’s word and talking to God. And yes, he does talk back…you just have to listen. I felt the presence of God and Jesus’ healing power so strongly I cried tears of joy. I read Mark 9:23. It says…if thou believe, all things are possible. I kept repeating “Jesus, you said all things are possible to those that believe. I love you Jesus and I believe you have come into my home and healed me of this cancer.”

I felt my body being healed. I will continue to repeat this everyday until all my cancer is gone, no matter how long it takes. I will show my faith to Jesus. To my friends who are suffering from cancer or who have a loved one suffering from cancer, take ownership of this verse. Repeat it every day. Know that if you believe, all things are possible. I love you all!!

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