A Funny Thing Happened at Chemo


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Last week I show up for chemo and the doc says my liver count is high.  No chemo.   I was a bit concerned because over the past 10  months I haven’t missed a day of chemo.

So, I wait a week and go back to find out the results of my latest blood work. My liver count is normal.  Hmmmm.  Doc was a bit surprised by that, but its all good so we proceeded with chemo.

A funny thing happened at chemo.

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with an IV in your hand?  Well I have. You should try it some time. LOL

Prior to meeting with the doctor, the nurse put an IV in my left hand to take blood. They then keep the IV in for chemo as well.  This is normal procedure.  I was told there would be a short wait, so I decided to go to the bathroom. Darn it.  Have you ever tried to unbutton your pants with just your right hand? I’m right handed so you think it’d be easy.  Not. Better yet, wait until you try to pull your pants back up. Yikes. I was laughing a bit when I walked out of the bathroom.  Got a funny look from one of the nurses, but I didn’t say anything.

I decided, when I got done with the workout in the bathroom, to have a cup of coffee.  I only had a short wait before a chair became available. We’re ready to roll.

Houston we have a problem! When they went to hook me up to chemo, the line blew. They had to put a  new line in my right hand.  Uh oh, I guess I shouldn’t have had that cup of coffee.  Yep you guessed it, I had to go potty again.  Only this time, I had the IV stand to deal with, plus I only had my left hand to use.  Have you ever tried to unbutton your pants and pull them up and down with just your left hand?  Well it’s not easy. I felt like a dog chasing his tail.  I probably actually looked like a dog chasing his tail.  It was hilarious. I was crackin’ up.  I’m sure the nurses heard me.  How could they not. I couldn’t help but imagine 3 or 4 nurses gathered outside the bathroom listening to me laughing and hearing the IV stand rolling around and around.  I started laughing even harder at the thought of it. I wish I had a video of me squirming around trying to pull up my pants. I think you would have enjoyed the laugh.

Have a great day everyone.  Keep smiling.

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