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Recently I had a PET scan that came back showing an increase in the cancer in my lungs. Not what I was hoping for.  So, now what?  It looks like it’s clinical trial time. What clinical trial you ask?  I’m not sure yet, but the doctor has recommended a new trial.

Clinical Trial Options

  • Clinical Trial (Tarceva and MM-121).  Tarceva is a pill that is used to treat people who have a certain genetic mutation. Tarceva is referred to as “targeted cancer treatment”.  A targeted treatment is a kind of therapy that affects the signals needed for cancer cells to grow. MM-121 is a drug given intravenously. It helps to stop cancer growth at the cellular level. I do not have the genetic mutation they look for when using this drug, however, the doc said this has worked for people who tested negative for the mutation. It’s a consideration.
  • New clinical trial (TL32711 and Gemcitabine).  There is a new clinical trial which is a combination of a new drug (TL32711) and chemo (Gemcitabine). The TL32711 removes certain chemicals (proteins) in a cancer cell, which lead to the death of the cancer cells. Gemcitabine is another chemotherapy drug, which has limited side effects. Doc says I fit much better into this clinical trial.

Doc also said there is testing that can be done, via a new biopsy, that will test for approximately 400 different genetic mutations.  What’s the point of this?  Simply, they may determine that a certain treatment used for another cancer could work well for me.  This is not covered by insurance, but I’m willing to pay for the testing.

Following God’s Path

In September, I came to a crossroads.  I needed to decide whether I would stay at Roswell and try the Tarceva/MM-121 trial, or go with CCS Oncology and stick with the chemo regime I was on.  I chose to go with CCS.  Three months later, the cancer in my lungs begins to grow, so today I went back to Roswell to see what they had to say and perhaps go on that clinical trial.  To my surprise, there is a new clinical trial that is a better fit for me.

I asked the Lord, “why did I go to CCS only to hit a brick wall.”  I got my answer today when Roswell told me there was a new treatment TL32711/Gemcitabine that is working well with non-small cell lung cancer patients, like myself. Thank you Lord. You never know what is around the corner, but God does.  We just need to have Faith.

I’m excited to see how things will go with this clinical trial.  I need to wait to see if insurance will cover it. In the mean time, I get a much needed break from treatment for the next month. Yay!

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