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The last few months have been so busy, I apologize for not posting.  Between my son graduating from high school, planning his graduation party and putting a team together for the Ride for Roswell, my brain was on overload.

I was really committed to riding in the Ride for Roswell.   When I originally signed up, I put down that I would ride the 3 mile route.  I started to feel great, so I changed to the 8 mile route. three miles just didn’t seem like it was far enough.  Uh Oh, I think I got too cocky.  Shortly after I changed the route, I started having those not so fun side effects that cancer patients often have.  I actually lost 15 pounds.Ride for Roswell Blog

While preparing for the Ride, I would experience vertigo and fall off my bike.  One day I fell pretty hard on my chest. That was it. I was too scared to get back on my bike. I thought I was just going to be an observer from that point on.

Fortunately for me, my dads neighbor had a tricycle.  I tried it out and it made me feel very secure.  I don’t know how many 43 year old’s can rock a tricycle like me.  LOL

I rode the entire 8 miles on that tricycle.  I felt secure and it was such a great feeling being part of this event.  It wasn’t easy.  At the 4 mile mark I was pretty tired. Fortunately they had a rest stop.  By the time we got to 6 miles, I needed to stop again.  I told my husband that no matter what I was going to finish.  He agreed and was behind me the whole time.  We reached this hill and I thought it was a joke.  Are you kidding me! You put a hill at the end of the race.  LOL  My husband, who was riding a BMX bike, helped push me up the hill.  It was much easier going down.

As soon as we turned the corner to head to the finish line, my eyes swelled with tears because I did it. It was an amazing feeling seeing my children at the finish line cheering me on. Can’t wait until next year.

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