Don’t Just Sit Around, Go Sledding!


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Yesterday was a blast!  My kids and I went sledding at Elma Meadows with my son’s girlfriend and her family. I’m not a skier, tried snow boarding a couple years ago (just too old for that), but sledding….watch out!! 

Sledding Fun

The Kids and I. Sledding Fun!

I just couldn’t stop myself. Elma Meadows was perfect.  I must have gone up and down the 5 year old and under hill, 20 times. I thought it said 50 and under.  LOL  The great thing is, no one seemed to mind.  I wasn’t sure how the parents of the little ones would feel with us “mature” sledders being there, but they seemed to enjoy it. I think my friend Kim and I were laughing more than the little ones.  We were definitely Woo Hooing it.  She even convinced me to go down head first. That was fun!

There is something about sledding that brings out the joy in everyone.  I saw moms and dads sledding with their little ones, with big smiles on their faces. My kids were so happy and so was I.  Just watching everyone, you couldn’t help but smile.

Patty Sledding

Keep Smiling. Go Sledding!

I know some of you may be wondering if I should have gone sledding because I have cancer.  Well, It’s Just Cancer.  I will not let it interfere with my life more than I have to. I continue to enjoy life’s blessings. I was surrounded by loving families and kids.  You could feel the love many of these parents had for their children, especially the little ones.  I am blessed to have been there.

So how do I feel this morning you wonder?  Well, my dupa is a little sore, but honestly I can’t wait to go sledding again. Yay!


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